Health Wise Foods, Inc.

Health Wise Foods, Inc. is Montgomery Alabama’s longest established health center offering the largest selection of products for everything healthy! We carry much more than just healthy food items! We do strive to keep in organic, non-gmo, no pesticides, no toxic preservative foods of all kinds, and as local as possible, as well as choices for persons with allergy sensitive and special dietary needs. Besides our healthy food choices, we carry a huge variety of high quality vitamins and minerals, workout supplements, meal replacement and protein shake choices, essential oils, black seed oil products, shea butter, black castor oil, the best in natural health and beauty products, herbs in all forms (teas, bulk, capsules and tinctures!), bulk foods, a wide variety of homeopathic remedies, and so much more! Along with the large selection of products we stock, we are also known for our dedication to giving our customers our best efforts in service, knowledge, and our deep appreciation for their patronage. Visit or call us today for more information!

Above and Beyond Service

A couple of our most important goals are to provide the highest level of quality products and customer service to our patrons. If we don’t happen to carry a specific product you are looking for – we can contact the distributor that carries the product you’re seeking, and see if they sell wholesale to health food stores. If they do, we can see if you would like for us to order it for you. Just let us know!


A Bit About Us

Since 1988, Health Wise Foods, Inc. has provided our customers and community the best selection of the most searched for, and in-demand products for a healthier lifestyle. We continue being a local, family-owned business and have a strong connection with our community. We support local growers and businesses as much as possible, and hope you will do the same! With over 34 years in business, many of our customers are multi-generational patrons, and we tend to know most of our frequent customers by not only their names and faces, but those of their family members as well. We really enjoy supporting our local community as much as possible. You will find a big selection of products in our store that are locally sourced. We always support local health oriented artisans and growers in and around our area.

Over 34 Years As Montgomery’s Best Health Food Store Choice!
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5147 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, Alabama 36109